21 Problems Only Horse Riders Will Understand

19. When Your Horse Gets Spooked For Absolutely No Reason Whatsoever

One mere leaf can cause all kinds of hell to break loose.

18. Constantly Having Hay In Your Underwear

In your hair, down your bra (if you wear one), and yes... even down there. What can we say, the barn life is just too sexy.

17. When People Say Riders "Don't Really Have To Do Anything"

Equestrians have the concentration of a golfer, the strength and stamina of a hockey player, and the artistic ability to make it all flow elegantly like a ballerina. Anyone who says horseback riding isn't a sport should swap their weights for water buckets, ride ten miles in the snow and stay on a 1500lb animal while it jumps a fence: they'll soon change their minds about professional riders.

16. Spending More Money On Your Horse's Shoes Than Your Own

Not to mention spending more time preening your horse than you do yourself. You may look like you've been dragged through a bush backwards, but DAMN your steed is fine.
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