21 Problems Only Photographers Will Understand

Problems photographers - amateurs and pros alike - experience on an almost daily basis.

Photography Problems Artists and Photographers are very similar if not exactly the same. In this day and age it is those who create our media that make the world go round. Adverts, movies, stock images, those pictures in supermarkets of fresh fruit and your locally sourced bacon producing pigs are all out of the lens of a photographer and large team of people putting it together for you to only subliminally notice it. There are millions of photographers out there in the world today all fighting for a spot in the limelight but few actually manage to be employed by a large company and even fewer to be ultimately successful self-employed businessman earning a lovely living. At best they scrape by on a sale per sale basis because the market has become so saturated that somewhere someone is undercutting them, offering themselves for free because they aren€™t aware of the true cost of a photograph €“ this has had a full circle effect on the industry that means few people are willing to pay for this service. But the declining pool of paying customers and adequately priced services out there to compete with is only one of the major problems a photographer faces on a daily basis. Here's 21 others that every photographer (either amateur or professional) will have faced;

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