21 Problems Only Photographers Will Understand

21. We Can€™t Pay You, But The Exposure Will Be Great

The clincher. The golden line. That one phrase that makes a photographers heart sing! NOT. People will try and use this phrase to get a cheap deal or freebie when they have a secret little budget they don't want to waste on a photographer. Chances are if you are a photographer then you have heard this phrase, and if you have ever used this phrase, think twice about your morals, not only is it insulting but it also deprives that artist of a living wage, food on their plate or clothes on their back for that month. Charities are notorious for this act, and actually have the biggest pot of gold to spend on photographers for their advertising, promotion and marketing. If you do want to get involved with someone for free, then don€™t try and convince them it is for their greater good to work for you for free, so many people fall into the trap of doing a collaboration with someone and just end up giving them free photos whilst getting nothing out of it, these people are the devil €“ don€™t be these people or those who fall for them!
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