21 Totally Irrational Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand

Did I DEFINITELY lock that door?

The moment your head hits the pillow, it begins. Not sleep, of course; but that wonderful stream of regrets and dastardly things we hate about ourselves, spinning round our brain until 2am. Anxious people have a lot to worry about. Seriously. You hear a noise in the house, and immediately prepare to die. You get on a plane, and immediately prepare to die. In fact, any journey by air requires an Xanax for take-off rather than a cough sweet, due to the morbidly visual disaster movie scenarios buzzing round your head. Ever misjudged a social cue, and had it haunt your brain for the rest of your natural life? Okay, maybe not every unfortunate situation happens to every anxious person (and God bless you if they do), but there's still a solid percentage of occurrences that are hell for those with irrational anxiousness. If you're a victim to the plague of anxiety, or want to know why your friend freezes at their local barista's questions, here's 21 totally irrational problems all anxious people will absolutely understand and sympathise with. Just try not to overthink them all...

21. Hearing A Noise In Your House At Night

Prepare for death. This is it. This is the end. Hearing a noise in the house is absolutely common. Houses creak, clatter, moan and groan as a physical representation of you and your life and that of your loved ones. When a noise sounds out from the house in the middle of the night, however, you instantly go into 'Insidious' mode and become convinced there's either a ghost, a serial killer, or a poltergeist (or all three) in your house. Sweet dreams?

20. Not Being Polite To Someone

Rude 3 Gif ...and then thinking about your ill-mannered display, for the rest of the day. That morning, you might have been less than obliging to your next door neighbour while rushing out the door (because you'd burnt your toast, head-butted the doorframe, and were running late for the bus) but DEAR GOD, being extremely curt to old Mrs Jones next doesn't half haunt you for the next 48 hours. Result? You're left mentally panicking and preparing the best way to properly apologise, grovelling on your knees, even if Mrs Jones was equally curt back and thought no more about it. Is giving them money a step too far? Maybe, but a nice gift basket usually works a treat.

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