21 Totally Irrational Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand

19. Receiving A Call From A Withheld Number

Phone Gif Oh God, what have I done? Nothing quite sends you in panic mode than seeing the random 'Private Caller' or 'Withheld Number' flash across your screen. Unexpected calls are hell to being with regardless, but that sight?! Either we ignore the call while staring at it like an attack dog on the verge of pouncing, or we answer it and mentally prepare ourselves to be threatened, challenged, or involved in some godawful 'Taken'-style scenario where you have to ditch your phone, pack your bags and head for the nearest Tibetan monastery. Deep breaths, everyone. Deep breaths.

18. Seeing Someone You Know In The Street

1385400624 Young Macaulay Culkin Sees Future Self Gif You are completely unprepared for this social situation. Yes, you recognise them; yes, you know them, but chances are they're not someone you're comfortable enough with exchange those small-talk pleasantries with without feeling uncomfortable as hell. The options? Well, stopping to 'check your phone' whilst keeping your head down and looking as far away from them as possible is one scenario, while a ruder and bolder one is to walk straight past them, earbuds in and completely ignore them, heart thumping away in your chest until you're able to get to somewhere with free Wifi where you can obsessively check that person's Facebook in case they mention how rude you were and fret about it for hours. Nice save there.

17. Having Someone Serving You Ask You A Question

Starbucks. Eight in the morning. The overly-cheery server takes your order and then follows up with a barrage of questions that leave us scrambling for answers, when all we wanted was to buy a coffee in peace. The preferred method of response is generally no eye contact, a murmured yes/no to any questions, and everyone getting on with their lives, if no less awkwardly. Just take my money and give me caffeine, damn it!

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