24 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

Never mess with a hairstylist... they cut people for a living.

Hairdressing is more than just chopping and colouring hair. For one, they're probably the cheapest therapist you'll ever get. Stylists cosmetically and psychologically transform the self image and confidence of fellow human beings, not to mention they can retain more gossip than Oprah Winfrey and Perez Hilton put together. Pretty awesome job, wouldn't you say? What can be better than listening to music all day long, being creative, bonding with other people and making them feel amazing? Well, actually, a lot. Hairdressing comes with a mountain of trials and tribulations - for example - when a client's entire sense of self depends on how good their hair looks that night, and you're the one with the scissors, it can be extremely daunting. Not to mention the fact we've learnt how to re-heat and eat our lunch, check our emails, text a handful of clients, pee and smoke half a cigarette... all under five minutes. And of course, every face-to-face profession comes with good and bad customers. When clients come in with absolutely zero interpersonal skills and horribly rude manners, it's extremely difficult not to "accidentally" snip over the line between short back and sides and full-on mullet. Ah, one can dream. What follows are the hilarious, annoying and downright "curl up and dye" moments in the life of a hairstylist. Feel free to add your own to the mix in the comments below.

24. When You Can't Hear A Client Over The Hairdryer, So You Just Laugh And Pray It Wasn't A Question

"Hahaha!" you exclaim, after your client has just informed you it was their aunt's funeral yesterday.

23. "I Don't Want My Hair Any Shorter And I Like The Colour, But I'm After A Change"

Why are you in my chair, please? It's almost as bad as the clients who want it to look like they have highlights "without the highlights", or lots of volume "but not to big". Sure, we'll just pop out the back and feed our pet unicorn before we get started.
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