24 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

22. When Clients Come In With Blue-Black Box Coloured Hair, Then Asks For Platinum Blonde

Since when did "hairdresser" sound like "miracle worker"? Give us a second while we re-invent the entire colour wheel.

21. When A Client Asks For "Three Layers"

What is this mythical haircut so many clients insist on? Two or three layers? Err, what? We can assure you in all that is holy in hairdressing that that is most probably a Christmas tree you're thinking of.

20. Leaving Work Looking Like You've Committed Mass Murder...

Behold, thy bloody hands of death! Otherwise known as Schwarzkopf Igora Royal in Red Violet, to be precise.

19. ...Or Even Worse, Murdered A Smurf

Please forgive us, freshly manicured nails of sweet perfection.
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