24 Problems Only Netball Players Will Understand

"Here if you need!" Oh, you don't need me? That's cool.

By playing netball you are able to experience a very unique world that comes with a mountain of responsibilities. You always have to be on your toes, take your training seriously, look after your teammates and keep an eye on everything that is happening on court - although there will be days when you're just not feeling it and you're desperate for someone to bring your oranges at halftime. Sadly, no one feels like oranges are a necessity in your Sunday night league. Your dress never seems to fit you properly and you can't understand why - you're sure those three cakes you had last week aren't the problem so it must have shrunk in the wash. You love the feeling of a freshly pumped up netball and you need to bounce it at least three times on the ground until everyone knows that you're ready to go. You probably judge other so called 'netballers' who turn up on court wearing plimsoles and trainer socks, because they're obviously just not taking your game seriously if they're not sporting a pair of Asics and some thick, white fluffy ankle socks.

24. Being Unable To Fall With Grace And Dignity

There will come a time in your netball career when it happens, and don't worry, it isn't a big deal and it does happen to everyone - you'll fall over. The chances are, you'll probably trip over your own feet than another player but you're so desperate to keep standing up to maintain possession, that you do some weird tribal dance on the way down to the ground that makes your fall even more ungraceful. No matter how hard you try to stop yourself from falling, you end up on your back with your legs in the air, your spanx are on full display and you're clutching the ball for dear life. Unfortunately you've taken another girl down with you and you performed footwork in at least three different ways. What a trooper.
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