25 Best Apple Store Apps For 2016

Fancy going a bit app crazy this year?

Apps, glorious apps. It's hard to think where we'd be without these life-changing extensions. For some people, these downloadables hold their lives together, others have more fun with them to impress their friends, and most of us use them to watch videos of cats and argue with strangers. With 2016 now in full swing, Apple has released its favourite 25 apps which will help you kick-off your year. They've highlighting some of the apps that may not have been the most popular, nor the highest grossing, of the year but that they've deemed to be the best and most innovative. Let's face it, they should know. On iTunes, the statement reads: 'We debated. We argued. Everyone had favourites, but to make this list of 2015's finest, there could be no doubts'. And there's certainly no doubts about this list. From money transferring to selfie enhancing, there's certainly an app for everyone on this lists. Apple states they are 'the most visionary, inventive and irritable of the year'. So take a look over and see what you think.

25. Bloom And Wild

Have you ever had that face palm moment when you've forgotten to get your 'significant over' that anniversary gift or birthday present. We've all been there and the guys at Bloom and Wild have certainly been in the same boat. The startup delivers whole bouquets of high-quality flowers straight through your letterbox. You should not have the issue of not being home prohibit you from sending a lovely gift/grovelling apology. Their new app, much like their website, claims to allow you complete the whole process, from picking out a bouquet to filling out delivery and payment details in just a few clicks - and that's what Apple love, simplicity. Apple love making things less of a stress and I mean, not having to deliver flowers to the one you love shouldn't be a stressful thing.... Should it? The company claims that they'll 'deliver the blooms within 2 hours, from Monday to Friday. Perfect for last minute gifts and extra special gestures', pretty cool, huh? I found the app really smooth and simple to use and it has support for Apple Pay so you can literally order at a touch of the button. The only downside is that if you're ordering at a touch of a button, doesn't it take out the romance and the experience of going into a flower shop for them? If they're delivered to the door of your significant other then instead of them being surprised with them yourself it could come across as if someone else has done it for you.
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