25 Best Apple Store Apps For 2016

24. Lark

It's January, it's a new year and it's a new you - of that's at least what Apple want you to think.. If you want to lose some weight and struggling to stick with it by yourself or if you really can't afford a personal trainer then Lark is probably the next best thing, if you don't then you should probably just click on to the next app. Who Lark is, is a personal weight-loss coach on your phone that handles all the busy work and then texts with you to help you succeed - It's a bit like a personal training version of Siri with a lot more sass. The app works through conversation and it's really, really clever. No, seriously. The free app relies on data from the co-processors found in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 models, as well as wearable devices that use the HealthKit, which went live with iOS 8.0.2. The app hooks into Apple€™s new Health app in iOS 8 in order to analyse your physical activity, sleep and nutrition. It starts with a bit of a shock factor. When I first booted up the app, I was told that I spend more than 98% of my time on my bum and it really made me think about what I was doing, but what was good about it was that It's also not too condensing at all. You can set it in various modes so if you want it to help you loose weight it can, or if you want it to help you keep a healthy weight and stay happy it will also do that too. The minor draw back with the app is that, although it allows you to input the food you've eaten, it doesn't have a barcode scanner feature like other, more popular apps. That addition would make it a great health app.
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