25 Disturbing Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

4. Aircraft Toilets Can Suck Out Your Rectum

Horror stories of vacuum commodes sucking the innards out of airplane passengers have been spreading around the Internet for years. These rumors terrified so many people that the popular show Mythbusters did a special about it. The result was the show host didn't get his intestines unglued and the world rested easy again. Now if people mention this urban legend the comeback is always the same. "No, Mythbusters cracked that one. Boom, myth busted." Oh really? Doctor's journals would beg to differ. Although it defies belief there is a chance an airplane toilet can take more than just the waste with a flush. If a person's cushion is cushy enough (they would have to be rather obese) to form a perfect seal over the bowl, flushing could mean the end.
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