5 Locations That Look Good In The Movies (But Suck In Real Life)

Doesn't Home Alone 2 make New York look magical, safe and affordable?

How many times have you watched a film, been taken in by the beauty of its setting and cemented your next travel destination as a result? It happens all the time, and anyone who has seen The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty will probably testify to the huge power of in-film travel marketing (given how stunning it makes Greenland look.) The trouble is, however, that often the idea of the place greatly exceeds the cesspool of its reality. In fact, we'd go as far to say the location's perception is truly at the mercy of the director. You shoot Somalia with a darkened lens, heavy music and images of modern day pirates gunning down groups of wide eyed orphans and you're unlikely to want to take your hard-earned holidays there... Conversely, imagine a disillusioned Jennifer Lawrence running away from her office job and falling in love with a wrong side of the tracks street hustler. The most pillow spooning moment of the film being the two embracing under the African sunset, selling the idea that not only will love complete you there, it will also be with Jennifer Lawrence. Sign us up for that, now! Unfortunately real life just can't match up to fantasy, and the wonderment that filmmakers create - which usually hide a multitude of sins - simply does not exist. And here are some of the worst offenders....

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