5 Locations That Look Good In The Movies (But Suck In Real Life)

5. Montego Bay, Jamaica - Crime, Fake Romance And Infection

The MovieHow Stella Got Her Groove Back The natural beauty of Jamaica is undeniable. Sun kissed beaches, clear blue seas and a load of other gorgeous clich├ęs. If you're going to stick to the protective confines of one of the resorts such as the one seen in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, chances are you'll come home okay. However if you step one flip flop out of the designated safe zone, do so with extreme caution. Jamaica has one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world - most happening, not surprisingly, in built up areas such as Stella's Montego Bay. The Reality Uh yeah, actually, just don't leave the resort. Oh and if you're going there to have a groove recapturing fling maybe rethink that too. We're not saying it won't happen, it just seems awfully likely, considering that many poverty stricken Jamaicans see female tourists as their ticket out of their crime-shattered country. And even if you don't mind the hollowness of your movie inspired romance, you may mind the danger of STI contraction. In fact, in St. James Parish - which includes Montego Bay, the number of reported AIDS sufferers is significantly higher than the national average. So there's that...

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