5 Must Follow Celebs On Twitter

Facebook is all fine and dandy if you're wanting to stalk some hotty that goes to your school, or if you want the latest carefully crafted press releases for your favourite celebrities that haven't even come close to being written by said celebrity but if you really want that authentic stalker experience then Twitter is the place to go. But if you're new to the whole land of the Tweets then you're probably baffled about who you should follow, so we've gone and made it much easier for you. Here's the list of the current top 5 celebrity tweeters you simply have to stalk.

5. Bryan Lee O'Malley - @radiomaru

Brian Lee O'Malley created Scott Pilgrim. Scott Pilgrim is awesome. What more do you need to know? He's a great guy to follow if you love comics and 80's/90's culture. Almost everything he writes about references Pilgrim in some small way, and he's been talking about his new comics forever but nothing seems to materialise. His wife is also on Twitter but she's not great at it. In terms of celebrity he's relatively unknown but he's one of those gems you stumble upon and then cannot stop reading. Typical Tweet: "Remember when Scott Pilgrim Vs the World came out 2 years ago and nobody saw it except my twitter followers and they saw it 11 times each?"

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