5 Reasons To Close Your Amazon Account

Amazon The other day it struck me that everything I do €“ absolutely everything €“ succeeds in making life that little bit worse for someone else. There's very little we can do to tackle the many, many problems of 21st Century existence, mainly because we can't all seem to agree on what counts as a €œproblem€. Indeed, what one person thinks is unacceptable might be the one thing keeping another person going. So whilst it often doesn't feel as though there's anything we can do to make the world a better place, we can at least all make a difference if we stop doing certain things. If you think that anything you do might be making life harder for anyone else, stop doing it. Poverty, inequality, war, famine and disease feel a little out of my league at the moment. That's why I've decided to start off small and try and make a difference in relation to what might well be the two most important things in my life €“ work and music. Essentially, it recently became apparent that I can no longer justify using Amazon. Now, I'm not writing propaganda here, and I'm not expecting all who come across my reasoning to immediately agree with me without reservation. I know that some of my arguments are flawed, imperfect and immensely biased, just as I know that some of the alternatives I suggest will not be for everyone. But please, take some time to think about my position and, should a chord be struck at any point, consider addressing your own use of Amazon and other similar sites.
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