5 Reasons To Visit Universal Orlando Resort On A Last Minute Vacation

Submit that vacation request and get yourself straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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With British Summer Time officially over thanks to the changing of the clocks, winter is not just around the corner, it's here! Dark and frosty mornings make it more difficult to get out of bed and that nice summer warmth seems a distant memory. Only one thing can cure it, a trip to the Sunshine State, with some fun and laughter at Universal Orlando Resort.

Myself and a close friend decided on a whim to price up a last minute trip to Universal Orlando Resort to see if we could sneak in a bit of sunshine before winter engulfs the UK completely. Thanks to bargain flights with Norwegian, we bagged ourselves a 5 night stay at Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort with just 7 days notice.

Here are 5 reasons you too should put in that holiday request, jump on a plane and spend some time at Universal Orlando Resort...

5. There's Plenty Of Rooms

Universal Orlando Cabana Bay
Universal Orlando

Thanks to just opening its brand new Value hotel, Surfside Inn and Suites, Universal Orlando Resort has just under a whopping 7,000 rooms to choose from. Whether you are wanting a luxury experience at Loews Portofino Bay or a Prime Value stay at Universal's Aventura, there's a plethora of styles to choose from.

For our last minute trip we stayed at the Prime Value hotel Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort. The main reason for this was we wanted to stay in a resort that had plenty of facilities but also had a casual feel. My friend has some dietary restrictions so the amazing team at the Bayliner Diner food court made sure she could grab a quick, yet safe hot breakfast. Thanks to the two huge pools, we weren't struggling for sun loungers on our day of relaxation. We also loved the sheer amount of transport options. We mostly walked to the parks but also took advantage of the efficient bus service and the visually pleasing boat ride from Loews Sapphire Falls.

Universal Orlando Royal Pacific
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Despite it being a busy time in the parks and many hotels being almost full, we never felt the crowds during our stay. The only way you would tell that it was busy season was the early queue in Starbucks, because who doesn't need their caffeine in the morning.

We also paid a bargain £60 per person per night, not bad for booking with just one week's notice. Cabana Bay is well worth the money and being honest, is a better quality Value hotel than what you will find at Universal's main competitor down the road.


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