5 Reasons To Visit Universal Orlando Resort On A Last Minute Vacation

4. You Can Pick Your Tickets Up At Your Hotel

Universal Orlando

Even though I am an Annual Pass holder, which makes last minute trips easier, we still took advantage of the Universal's Planning Centre in the hotel to arrange ticket's to Halloween Horror Nights. The staff were really friendly and helpful, arranging for my friend to get a $25 Scream Early ticket so she could make use of the park and early queuing for Stranger Things on the one day she didn't have a park ticket.

You could also use machines in the lobby to print online tickets, saving both money and queue time at the parks. My main moan is the queueing for tickets at the park entrance. I'm pretty sure the counter service line areas at the parks are the hottest places on Earth, being able to sort this at the hotel made life so much easier.

If you are from the UK and do want to purchase 2 week tickets before you travel, I would recommend Attraction Tickets Direct as they do next-day delivery on park tickets. Perfect for those wanting to to do a longer stay than us.


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