The 5 Types Of People Completely Ruining Your Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook2 Social networking website Facebook is reportedly used by 1.15 billion active users as of March 2013. However, the downside to its growing viewership is the amount of garbage that gets posted on the site on a daily basis. For the people who use Facebook for general chit-chat with friends and family, it can be a more than pleasant experience. But it almost seems there are a number of people who use the site to solely annoy the masses. From airing their dirty laundry in public, to posting obscene pictures nobody needs to see, so many people now have completely ruining the newsfeed on a daily basis. Due to its growing popularity, Facebook has become a magnet for the moronic and annoying idiots that waste our time with drivel they continue to post - oblivious to how disgusting, irrelevant, or tedious it is for their friends also on the site. Nevertheless, many clearly don't think it's an issue as they never seem to quell it, regardless of the criticism they receive as a result. It appears the need for some people to want to make a name for themselves on the internet has led to showing-off to their cyber friends to gain attention - almost becoming a different person online. People are acting like the characters they want to be, rather than the real person they are outside of Facebook, and this means endless amounts of nonsense spewing from their page that clogs our newsfeed all the time. So who are these people ruining the Facebook experience? And what is it they do that's so infuriating on a regular basis? Well, I'm glad you've asked. Here are five examples.
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