5 Ways To Live Forever (And 7 Reasons It Would Suck)

So you wanna live forever, huh?

Jasper Simpsons Freeer

So, you wanna live forever? 80 years not long enough for all your big plans, eh bud?

The current think is that there is actually a firm limit on the human lifespan, and that it is unlikely we'll ever be able to live much past 115 - but what would happen if you did?

Well, before you go looking for the elixir of life, you might want to think very carefully about what you're doing. Science and medicine have been striving to keep us alive and healthy for longer and longer, with a great deal of success. The average live expectancy is always on the up and there's a very good chance that most of you reading this article will live well into your hundreds.

However, with the booming population and increase of age-related diseases to deal with as people are living longer, is it such a good idea to rage quite so much against the dying of the light? And that's just when we're living longer, what about living forever? It's part of human nature to fear death, but we'd be royally screwed if it went away.

So, before we start skipping merrily through the valley of the shadow of death, we should probably weigh up all the pros and cons of an eternal life (gangster's paradise notwithstanding).

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