6 Reasons To Believe We Are Actually Living In A Computer Simulation

5. Paranormal Events.

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Since the beginning of recorded history, there have been countless tales of paranormal events and encounters with, what some believe to be, supernatural beings. While these sorts of stories are often dismissed as nonsense, there may be a very good explanation (or at least an explanation) for them.

Perhaps, strange occurrences and visits from those who dwell in the afterlife are nothing more than hiccups in our virtual reality. This may be why so-called high-profile ghosts are often seen near their former homes; it was the location they were usually programmed to be at. After all, why would one want to spend an entire afterlife wandering around their old place? There's a whole world out there to haunt!

There have also been reports on outlets lite Reddit, where users claim to have experienced paranormal events, such as objects loading around them, in a manner similar to that of a computer. Another interesting story comes from a man who claims his childhood friend vanished as if he never existed. Could this friend (or his disappearance) also be evidence of a "glitch in the Matrix?"

Of course, it's impossible to verify these accounts, but such is always the case when it comes to paranormal activity. That being said, a computer-generated world goes a long way when trying to explain the unexplainable.

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