6 Reasons To Believe We Are Actually Living In A Computer Simulation

4. Computer Code Can Be Embedded In DNA.

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Nearly every cell in the human body contains a molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA as it's commonly referred to.

According to Wired, a group of biohackers claims to have discovered a way to encode malware into strands of DNA. The malware is designed to hack gene-sequencing software and allow those who created the virus to take control of the underlying computer. While this definitely a dick move, it's also extremely noteworthy for simulation hypothesis believers.

If DNA strands can indeed be encoded with computer software, then would it be so far fetched to believe these molecules could simply be computer code?

Granted, we humans don't currently have the technology to create video games or simulations using characters with actual DNA. However, whoever may be controlling our simulated world could have the tools required to do so.

After all, if we are just a part of some super-beings video game, then they clearly have more advanced technology than we do.

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