7 Craziest Illuminati Theories

The New World Order are trying to control your life, one teenage TV show at a time.

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You’ve heard of the Illuminati, right? They’re the shadowy group who control every aspect of our lives. They dictate what’s in the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and the news we read. They’ve pulled the strings on all of history’s major events, they observe satanic rituals, and they’ll happily kill to preserve their secrecy.

They’re able to exert their influence over just about every government and every major company in the world. Want more proof? Maybe your grandad was in The Masons. If so, he was also a low-level Illuminati operative, though to give your Grandad the benefit of the doubt, he might not have realised it. If this is all news to you, fear not, because there is a significant band of warriors out there who are on to them – the anti-Illuminati.

This dedicated group aim to enlighten the rest of us about the dangers of the Illuminati, by showing just how evil they truly are. The usual suspects – Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers – are all outed as members of the New World Order, but some of their theories about other plots are a little… outlandish.

Murders, soul-selling, Saved By The Bell... seriously, some of them are crazy.

7. They Killed Robin Williams To Please The Hiltons

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Last August, the world of entertainment was plunged into mourning after the tragic and untimely death of Robin Williams. There’s no need to go into the circumstances surrounding this, suffice to say that the official story is wrong, at least in the eyes of the anti-Illuminati.

He was actually murdered as a sacrifice to appease the Rothschild and Hilton families, and the proof is hidden in plain sight, in an episode of Family Guy.

Here’s the story: BBC Three showed an episode of Family Guy minutes before Williams’ death was announced. In it, Peter Griffin can somehow turn anything into Robin Williams just by touching it, and at one point he tries to shoot himself, but the gun turns into.. .yeah, you can work out the rest.

The Daily Mail got a hold of the story, and the way they reported it is more proof of Illuminati involvement, because the article had lots of 7s, 9s and 11s in it. If you didn’t know already, these are the Illuminati’s favourite numbers, because they have deep meaning to them.

Why sacrifice Robin Williams to please two of the richest families in the world? Well, the very next day Nicky Hilton announced her engagement to James Rothschild, and Williams had to go to give them a stronger life in the future. Apparently.

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