7 Foods You Won't Believe Are Illegal In The US (And Why)

Kinder Eggs? What other foods are Americans not allowed to eat?!

Kinder Egg

Food is the universal source of energy that we all need. No one in the world can survive without it, and thus it's no surprise that the industry has turned into one of the most important. Across the globe, specific cuisines have taken route in the culture, identity and history of their locations, helping to strike out a legacy and taste unique to those places.

Back in the day, our taste buds were limited to just what we had around, but the introduction of trade and culture sharing made it so that we now have a multitude of tasty treats to make nourishment way more fun than it needs to be. However, not every food item can be shared, as certain countries have regulations they must adhere to.

One such country that takes its food law very seriously is the good old United States of America. To those outside the country, it might blow your mind to learn about some of the foods that are outright banned, but the reasons for their illegality are a fascinating lesson.

If you live outside of the USA, then make sure not to take these snacks for granted.

7. Haggis

Kinder Egg
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When hearing the word haggis, many readers will conjure up images of the proud land of Scotland, as this national dish is a memorable part of the country's culinary identity. The dish itself is a savoury pudding made up of the liver, heart and lungs of a sheep, alongside onion, oatmeal, and spices, encased inside an animal's stomach - although it's often put in an artificial casing nowadays.

Naturally, it's a 'love it or hate it' dish, but if you can move past the unconventional meat, then it's a real treat. Sadly for the Americans, they haven't been able to partake in the Scottish delicacy since 1971, as the country has banned it.

This comes from the fact that the USDA has a strict ban on sheep's lungs. It was a decision made after a scrapie scare, a degenerative disease that affects sheep and can damage humans. Animal lungs themselves are entirely banned as stomach acid can leak into them during slaughter, which can cause problems with humans if consumed.

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