7 Foods You Won't Believe Are Illegal In The US (And Why)

6. Chilean Sea Bass

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America is certainly not limited when it comes to picking out seafood. The fishing industry in the US is perfectly healthy, and there's plenty of variety to jump between. The idea of one specific fish being illegal is a shame, but hardly the end of the world, and the reason for its ban will have you thinking - that does sound like the right decision.

Chilean sea bass - also known as Patagonian toothfish - is a species of fish found in the cold waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans. However, this sea dweller finds itself overfished, meaning that the consumption of the Chilean sea bass is causing its population to decline. Hunting animals to extinction is certainly not a new concept to humans, but the FDA has worked to ensure that conservation of the fish is carefully watched.

You can still legally find this delicious meal through certified fishing boats, but the FDA restricts the amount they can fish, which causes any uncertified catches to be strictly illegal.

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