7 Foods You Won't Believe Are Illegal In The US (And Why)

5. Foie Gras

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If you've ever tasted this French dish, then you'll know it's a rich, buttery and satisfying meat. However, once you find out how it's made, you might think twice about ordering it again. This directly impacts why it has found itself banned in places across the US, and it's safe to say that banning the production of this meat is undoubtedly better for the birds.

In order to make foie gras, a goose or duck is made to go through a process called gavage, in which they have a pipe rammed down their throat and are force-fed grains and fat. This causes their livers to fatten and swell, producing the meat used for the dish. Naturally, this is seen as an unethical practice akin to torturing the animals. The fact that it's considered cruel even within the meat industry says it all.

Now, the food isn't banned nationally, but if you're dining in California, then you'd better not be ordering Foie Gras; otherwise, you'll be breaking the law.

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