7 Things Conspiracy Theorists Believe Happened Inside Area 51

What mysteries lie beyond the gates?

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In the southern portion of Nevada lies one of the most mysterious places known to humankind — Area 51.

The land that houses this highly secretive base, which is officially known as Homey Airport (KXTA), was first acquired by the United States military in 1955. Since that time, it has gone on to become the subject of countless conspiracy theories and alleged UFO sightings.

Recently, Area 51 was at the center of a great deal of controversy when an anonymous Facebook user suggested that a large group of people gather this coming September and storm the facility. Millions of people responded to the post and expressed their interest in this ill-advised undertaking.

It was later reported that the individual who started the whole uproar intended the post to be satirical. Satirical or not, the fact that so many people remain fascinated by the tales linked to this unassuming air force base in the middle of the dessert is truly remarkable.

After all, what exactly do people expect to find beyond the facility's tightly sealed gates? What do these conspiracy theorists really think happened (or is happening) inside Area 51?

Well, here are some of the most popular, bizarre, and even frightening answers.


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