7 Things Conspiracy Theorists Believe Happened Inside Area 51

7. The Creation Of Human-Alien Hybrids

The "human-alien hybrid breeding facility" is by far one of the most bizarre theories associated with Area 51.

Granted, the dating scene can be quite frustrating these days, so hooking up with extraterrestrials might be a valid option for some. However, this still doesn't explain why anyone, particularly a government, would want to use a facility to force humans and alien lifeforms to procreate.

Fortunately, conspiracy site Collective Evolution has a perfectly valid explanation. Apparently, the aliens have been performing experiments in secret so they can develop hybrid beings that possess the best of both worlds — literally. These beings would have the physical endurance of humans and the psychic abilities that extraterrestrials apparently possess. The endurance is needed since aliens are said to have a hard time surviving above ground with all the germs we humans are putting out there.

These hybrids are ultimately groomed to be ideal leaders for the New World Order government, once that gets up and running.

Area 51: Dreamland Chronicles has a different theory. The book suggests that these hybrids may actually be created as organ donors for their alien overlords, who use the victim's parts to replenish their "dysfunctional digestive systems."

See? It doesn't sound so crazy after all.


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