7 Ways Science Will Help You Get Laid

Who needs pick up lines when you've got science?

big bang theory penny leonard

Being a human is a big, messy, complicated adventure, but beneath our tough exteriors, don't we all just want to be loved? Or at least get a bit of good, old fashioned bonking done.

As a species, we've filled near infinite column inches and minutes of airtime with tips and advice for how to attract a mate, with counsel on everything from buying the perfect bunch of flowers to how to spice things up in the bedroom. There's an awful lot of advice out there, but how do you tell the good from the bad?

Well, perhaps if we really want to get to the heart of this crazy little thing called love, maybe we should cut through all of the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty science of attraction.

Whether you believe in the eternal soul, or maintain that humans are just squishy bags of meat and chemicals (mmm, sexy), it is a fact of life that many of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are governed by just a handful of neurotransmitters and a tangled mess of genes. Could decoding this complex system really hold the answer to something as complicated as love?

Well, we'll try anything once.


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