7 Ways Science Will Help You Get Laid

7. Attraction Is In Your Genes

DNA genome

It turns out that, no matter how well you scrub behind your ears and deliver your best pick up lines, attraction could be all down to your genes.

You know that feeling you get when someone just seems to ooze sex appeal and you can't figure out why? It might just be that you happen to be genetically compatible with one another and, what's more, it's probably down to how they smell.

Every has something called a human leukocyte antigen, which is essentially a gene complex that determines the regulation of the immune system and allows our bodies to detect foreign invaders. This is all to be expected, but the crazy thing is that humans can detect each others' HLA complexes, and people with very different genetic make-ups will be more attracted to one another.

This could be nature's way of ensuring good genetic variation within the human species, and also explains why you like the smell of your partner so much.


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