8 Biggest WTF Stories To Come Out Of Florida

If this isn't the strangest state in the US, then we don't want to know what is.

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When people think about Florida, they usually associate it with their NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, the incredible Walt Disney World or if they're a space nut, the Kennedy Space Center. However, if you look past the numerous tourist attractions and fantastic weather, there's been a whole bunch of strange activities going on in the Sunshine State for a number of years.

The last decade has seen an incredible amount of stories come from Florida, that help prove the theory that it might be the weirdest place in the entirety of the United States. That might sound like a harsh statement to make, but time and time again Floridians have shown that they can't help but get into some entertaining, yet shocking hijinks.

If you're unaware of the phenomenon that is the weirdness of this one place in America, then don't worry because we've gathered some of the most unbelievable stories to ever come out of there. Some of the things that you read might be hard to believe, but we assure you, all this craziness actually happened.

Get ready to laugh, be confused and even possibly disturbed at the antics of the most out there people living in the USA.

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