8 Biggest WTF Stories To Come Out Of Florida

8. Florida Man Tries To Steal Chainsaw, Puts It In The Most Horrifying Place Possible

Of all the things you could rob in a lawn equipment store, stealing a chainsaw might be the most difficult. It's large, it's dangerous and taking it is guaranteed to be far more trouble than it's worth. However, shoplifter, Anthony Ballard, believed that he could beat the odds by nabbing one from a store in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

What not-so-clever idea did Ballard have to swipe the chainsaw from the store? He stuffed it down his trousers. That's right, this idiotic shoplifter risked his own body parts to make sure that he got himself a top of the range garden tool. Sadly for him. running with a chainsaw attached to your leg is no easy task, so when the employees of the store gave chase, he launched it into the woods and ran off.

Undeterred by his lucky escape the first time around, Ballard went back into the woods to look for it, only to be spotted by the same employees who chased him. They called the police who arrested Ballard and put an end to the strangest day in that store's history.

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