8 Craziest Stories Told On The Joe Rogan Experience

These guests blew Joe's mind...


Over the course of more than 1400 episodes, Joe Rogan has featured guests on his podcast from just about all walks of life.

Though the JRE may have started in 2009 as just an avenue for Rogan and his buddies on the comedy circuit to tell jokes and interact with fans, the podcast has grown much larger in subsequent years with Joe now having the pull to attract guests who have lived some of the most extraordinary lives imaginable.

What makes podcasts in general, but particularly the JRE, such a good avenue for people who have lived through remarkable events is the long-form nature, complete lack of censorship and opportunity for uninterrupted discussion. Imagine Joey Diaz trying to explain to a traditional news interviewer the humour in the time he set a prostitutes wig on fire, it just wouldn't work, would it?

Everyone has that one friend who isn't afraid to lightly embellish, or even outrightly lie about a story to add some entertainment value right? Well, imagine that everything that that friend has ever said has been true and they still likely wouldn't have experienced half of the things that these guys have.


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