8 Haircuts Every Woman Will Get

She bangs, she bangs. She also bobs and layers.

They say a change is as good as a holiday (and by "they", we mean well-meaning relatives who you don't know very well but are forced to make small talk with at family events). And one of the easiest things to change is your hair. Losing weight is hard work and requires you to do dumb things like say no to burgers. A whole new wardrobe is expensive and necessitates shopping which is close to the worst thing in the world. Improving your personality and mind is, like, exhausting and there's no evidence that it'll make you hotter, so why bother? So if you're in the market for a fresh look, it makes sense that you'll go for a new hairstyle. It's quick, relatively inexpensive and freshens your whole vibe in an instant. Unfortunately, not all haircuts will suit you but you won't know exactly which ones until you've tried. Every style you choose will be inspired by someone else, so at least you'll know where to place the blame. Here are 8 haircuts you will almost certainly ill-advisedly get at some point in your lifetime because God loves a trier, right?

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