8 Horribly Depressing Scientific Discoveries

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Sometimes, science has the power to be uplifting. It can give us hope for the bright future ahead of us, free from famine, pain and disease, and full of technological innovation that allows us to turn literally every available surface into a touchscreen.

This is not that kind of science.

Unfortunately, science doesn't care about our feelings and sometimes decides instead to hit us right where it hurts with some unwelcome truths. Whether this is a revelation about the human condition, the futile nature of existence in a directionless universe, or even that your pets don't love you quite as much as you love them, science always has a sucker punch up its sleeve to take care of that "nice day" you appear to be having.

As a real, proper science enthusiast, however, you will be aware that you can't just pick and choose to read the stories that make you feel good. Seeing as science is all about fixing problems, it stands to reason that you have to pay attention to the problems first.

So, let's dive head first into some of the most downright depressing discoveries that science has thrown up for us in recent months. It's not gonna be pretty.

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