8 Horribly Depressing Scientific Discoveries

8. We’re Lost In A Directionless Universe

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Before you think we're being overly-dramatic for effect, this is exactly how a real, proper scientist described the situation in Science earlier this year.

A close inspection of the cosmic radiation left over after the Big Bang has led scientists to conclude that the universe is just one homogeneous, directionless lump, with every point uniformly expanding away from every other point. This is opposed to it being aligned on some kind of spin axis or having any kind of centre point. It is doubly disappointing, as it undermines our current best solutions to Einstein’s field equations.

This means that travelling anywhere in the universe would be like swimming endlessly down into the deep blue ocean. You might come across some interesting stuff along the way, but it is effectively endless, centreless, and featureless.

It is also the final, clinching proof that, no, you are not the centre of the universe. Nowhere is.

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