8 Huge Facebook Parties That Got Totally Out Of Control

Don't know how Facebook's privacy settings work? Then please, for god's sake, don't organise anything.

If you live in the world, chances are you have a Facebook account. Heck, everyone has an account, unless you're a Luddite. It keeps us all connected, has spawned countless imitators, books and a feature film. It is the most visited website on the world wide web, completely free and harmless. Or so we think. The internet is littered with horror stories about that poor teenager who forgot to make their party private on Facebook and found themselves accidentally organising a mass gathering. Some of these are insane and it shows just what happens when you combine silly social media use, drunk teenagers and the police. To the 16 year old who wanted to have a party while his parents are out to the accidental public event, these stories just won't go away. A few of these led to police intervention, some led to injury and all led to major destruction, disruption and disillusion. These all made it to the news worldwide, and are responsible for your parents distrusting Facebook and "the Google". The transition from birthday invitations on paper to digital Facebook invites has made us all wary, but chances are if you are reading this, you're well versed in Facebook culture and understand its simple privacy settings. So, without further ado, here are 8 Huge Facebook Parties That Got Totally Out Of Control; and for your safety, if your parents are home, turn the brightness on your screen down and turn your music off, because this is something only the Facebook elite can handle.
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