8 Killers With Bizarre Motivations

7. Jemma Lilley Wanted To Complete Her Bucket List

After emigrating to Australia in 2010, Jemma Lilley developed a fascination with serial killers and murder. She idolised bloodthirsty movie characters like Freddy Krueger, and even wrote a book about serial killers in her free time.

This obsession became so intense that she even had murder on her bucket list, which is what led to her taking the life of a teenager in 2016.

Alongside her similarly-disturbed housemate Trudi Lenon, Lilley lured young Aaron Pajich to his death after asking him to install some games on her computer. As Pajich was doing just that, Lilley approached him from behind, strangled him with a wire until it broke, and then stabbed him three times. Lilley proceeded to bury Pajich's body in a shallow grave in her yard, before covering it with tiles and concrete.

During the conviction process, it emerged that Lilley had wanted to kill someone before she turned 25. As a result, she was "full of herself and euphoric" after murdering Pajich, overjoyed that her grisly bucket list goal had been achieved.

In 2018, Lilley and Lenon were sentenced to life in jail, with a minimum term of 28 years. Pajich's mother labelled them "disgusting animals", and said that they should never be released.


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