8 Mind-Bending Unanswered Questions About The Universe

No, 42 is not the answer.

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We've gotten pretty used to the idea of science providing us with answers.

So far, in the miniscule slice of time that we have been asking questions, we have found answers that would have been inconceivable to even our recent ancestors. We can use science it to tell us what a distant star is made of, what the weather will be like tomorrow, what the gender of your baby will be, and even the age of the universe itself (we think).

There are, however, some questions that are still frustratingly, resolutely, unanswered - perhaps even unanswerable altogether.

Perhaps it's too much to expect to have figured out the deepest mysteries of the universe in the paltry few thousand years that we've been investigating it, much less in the miniscule few hundred years since the development of modern science. In the grand scheme of things, we are barely a blip on a blip on the timeline of existence.

But still, it would be nice to have all the answers.

Well, even if we don't have the answers right now, we're asking the questions, and there are plenty of fascinating, convincing and downright bizarre theories being put forward every day.

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