8 Most Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories

Some people just want to watch the Goblet of Fire burn.

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There's a ludicrous amount of fan theories floating about the wider world of Harry Potter. With even J. K. Rowling getting in on the joke, both the author and readers alike have retroactively tampered with characters in a myriad of ways, providing plenty of Harry Potter machinations that give way to bizarre, dark secrets.

Of course, whilst not all of the entries on this list have the wizarding queen's seal of approval, they're still certifiably ridiculous when considering the franchise as a whole - and while most provide a good laugh or quiet reflection on everything you hold dear, there's some that just take the magical biscuit. There's an underbelly out there rife with 50ps that represent the resurrection stone, Harry being Ron's hallucination, and Dumbledore being a time travelling ginger. Of course.

It takes a lot to be the most ridiculous when every theory creates a new high, or low, for crazy conceptions involving the Potter crew. Either way, swallow your gillyweed and have your wand at the ready, because we're wading into the weird and wonderful world of Harry Potter fan theories.

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