8 Must-Listen Comedy Podcasts

2. The Ice House Chronicles

Ice House Chronicles While the majority of podcasts listed here feature a single comedian as the host, there's nothing quite like getting a bunch of stand-ups in a room and letting them hash it out. The Ice House Chronicles is like The McLaughlin Group for comedy fans. Every few weeks, Brian Redban and a ton of other comics hit the Ice House in Pasadena, California. While a live stand-up show is going on in the main room, the Ice House's green room serves as a podcast studio, where seemingly any comic can drop in, laugh, and sometimes argue with the funniest men and women on the planet. Redban's Deathsquad has become a brand name for hardcore comedy fans. He began his career as Joe Rogan's producer, web man and on-air sidekick, but has since blossomed into a comedy force all his own. The Ice House Chronicles is Deathsquad's best show, an opportunity for fans to have unfettered access to the collective comedy consciousness. It's also a great way to hear about new comics. Now if they'd just lose that part where they watch web videos...
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Check out "The Champ" by my alter ego, Greg Forrest, in Heater #12, at http://fictionmagazines.com. I used to do a mean Glenn Danzig impression. Now I just hang around and co-host The Workprint podcast at http://southboundcinema.com/.