8 Phobias That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Uncomfortable

If you manage to get through this whole list, you're not scared of anything!

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Phobias and fears are a complicated area for many to understand - why is it that some people are afraid of what lurks in the dark corridors or under their bed at night? Why do most of the population scream and run when they see an eight legged creepy crawly scurry towards them? Since when did looking down from a height begin making many tremble with fear?

Common phobias like these are easier to cure and talk about, as the sufferers come in the many thousands. You're likely to encounter these people on the regular, who actively avoid climbing a tall building or leave the room when a spider is seen. But what about the lesser known phobias that you may not be sure you have - the most uncomfortable phobias that are particularly grim or make your hair stand on edge?

Do you get uneasy about objects lurking underwater, blood, choking, dead bodies or deep dark cave depths?

Here is a list of just eight real life phobias that are guaranteed to make you feel unease - and may be what you have feared all along...

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