8 Most Random Emergency Ward Injuries You Won't Believe

We present a mix of humour and severe stomach-turning unpleasantness; and yes, genitals feature more than once.

Chances are you've seen the inside of an accident and emergency room at least once in your life. The wait can be unbearable, but it does present the opportunity to spy on other injured people. They're usually drunken people who have hurt their faces on people's fists, drunken people who have hurt their fists on people's faces, or drunken people who have fallen over badly. However, that's a normal Saturday night. We've unearthed some of the most bizarre hospital visits in a mix of humour and severe stomach turning unpleasantness; and yes, genitals feature more than once. It's customary to warn those who are easily upset to go no further...but don't do that. We want to make you puke and laugh at the same time. Tell us about it. It might result in an excellent entry for a followup article. And if you could jab something odd into your ear at the same time, that would be great.

8. Eel Attracted To Penis Becomes Trapped In Bladder

In China, a practice similar to fish pedicures is available. An individual submerges themselves in a body of water containing live eels and head to toe, they nibble away at dead skin; leaving you looking fabulous. For Zhang Nan, though, the session ended horrifically when he felt a sharp pain in his penis. It was a six inch eel wriggling its way down his urethra. As Zhang attempted to grip the last of the eel at the tip of his meat-thermometer, he found that it "was too slippery to be held" and it continued its assault. He was rushed to hospital, where a three hour emergency surgery was necessary to remove the intruder. It was lying dead in the man's bladder when doctors finally recovered it; which really is for the best. Can you imagine fishing for a live eel, swimming in a human bladder with a pair of surgical forceps? Here's hoping future beauty fanatics leave their genitals to grow old gracefully.
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