8 Most Random Emergency Ward Injuries You Won't Believe

7. Toddler Lodges Car Keys In Brain

Babies love when you jingle your keys at them. Watch as their faces light up with glee and listen in a state of annoyance as euphoric squeaks fill the room. What they really, really dislike, though, is when said keys become lodged in their brains. 20 month-old Nicholas Holderman was indulging in some carefree youthful hijinks with his two older brothers when the unthinkable/aforementioned happened. He fell head first onto his parents' car keys, they pierced his newly-made blinkers and pushed right through to the brain. The baby probably let out a whimper at this point...his mother is quoted as saying, "I'll never forget that moment. Nothing can prepare you for something like that." We're inclined to agree. Following a six day hospital stay, Nicholas made a full recovery - so gawk away at the awesome X-Ray with little to no guilt. You can even make out a dice keyring.
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