8 Reasons Why Maleficent And Daenerys Targaryen Are Basically The Same Person

One's a high-born flame-retardent Queen with a penchant for dragons... the other's Khaleesi.

This past weekend was a big one for us nerds. Friday marked the release date for Disney's Maleficent, the dark origin story of the Disney universe's most terrifying villain. Secondly, it was Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones ('The Mountain and the Viper') that featured the highly anticipated showdown between Prince Oberyn Martell and the Mountain. To the relief of devoted source material-preaching geeks far and wide, both Walt Disney Pictures and HBO proved their worth immensely. Too bad things ended on a different note for one of the most likeable characters in all of Westeros... tragically, that's just George R. R. Martin's style. Upon visiting the theatres to watch Maleficent and curling up on the couch to bask in the awesomeness that was 'The Mountain and the Viper', you will have stumbled upon two fascinating realities. First, the cost of movie tickets is becoming astronomically high. Second, the characters of Maleficent and Daenerys Targaryen have way too many things in common. Like, they're basically the same person. Need convincing? Let's compare one Disney villainess who we love to hate with one little Targaryen who everyone just loves. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below to share your take on these two characters' similarities!

8. They're Both Loners And They're Never Invited Anywhere

Basically every trial and tribulation that occurs in Disney€™s Sleeping Beauty is due to King Stefan and Queen Leah€™s somewhat shady decision to not invite Maleficent to Princess Aurora€™s birthday celebration. On the one hand, yeah, we get that Stefan and Leah are hesitant to throw The Mistress of All Evil an invite to their daughter€™s shindig. On the other hand, it€™s kind of a slap in the face for Maleficent, especially when every other freakin€™ person in the kingdom would be making it out to the party. Had she received a pity invite, Maleficent probably wouldn€™t have even gone because she€™s too much of a recluse. But, hey, then we wouldn€™t have a story. Similarly, Daenerys Targaryen is a bit of a loner as well. Between schlepping through the desert with her once husband and making plans to conquer King€™s Landing, one can surmise that the Mother of Dragons doesn€™t have the most hectic social calendar. She didn€™t get an invite to Rob Stark€™s (red) wedding, nor was her attendance requested at Joffrey€™s (purple) wedding. It€™s hard out there for a Targaryen.

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