9 Beautiful But Deadly Sea Creatures

1. Textile Cone Snail

This innocuous little creature might seem a strange choice for the top spot. Is it beautiful? Sure, it€™s the kind of thing your auntie might keep on the bathroom windowsill. But dangerous? Surely not. The textile cone snail is actually incredibly dangerous, to the extent that humans should make a point of not handling them unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, uninformed beachcombers may well decide to pick one up because of the attractive shell. The creature, also called the Cloth of Gold cone, produces a venom called conotoxin when hunting or threatened. The substance is injected via an incredibly fast-moving dart, at which point a human would likely have around two hours to live. There is currently no antivenom for the textile cone€™s neurotoxin, which causes paralysis across the whole body, including the lungs. One drop of conotoxin can kill over a dozen humans, usually via suffocation or heart attack. So, while most gaudily patterned sea creatures are trying to ward off threats with their markings, it€™s the beauty of the Cloth of Gold cone that actually attracts unsuspecting humans towards it. You€™ll never look at auntie€™s shell collection in quite the same way.

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