9 Beautiful But Deadly Sea Creatures

2. Orca

The orca, or "killer whale", needs no introduction. These iconic mammals, which are actually a type of dolphin, are one of the most recognisable creatures in the ocean and also one of the most intelligent. It€™s this intelligence that makes orcas as terrifying as they are beautiful. They have been observed engaging in a number of remarkable techniques for catching seals. One such method involves swimming in formation towards an ice float in order to create a powerful wave that knocks off unfortunate victims. Other orcas beach themselves to catch newborns, before thrashing their way back to the water. Worse still, an ill-fated seal that ends up in the jaws of a killer whale will then probably find itself being hurled around and head-butted, as these apex predators prefer to disable their prey before tucking in. They€™ve even been known to suffocate great white sharks, holding them in place so that oxygenated water doesn€™t move through their gills. That€™s equal parts ingenious and ballsy as hell. But how dangerous are orcas around humans? Well, there have been a handful of attacks in the wild but none of them ended in death and all evidence suggests that the victims had simply been misidentified as seals. However, captive orcas have attacked (and in some cases killed) humans on so many occasions that there€™s a whole Wikipedia page dedicated to the topic. The long and short is that killer whales aren€™t inherently dangerous around humans, despite the name we€™ve given them, on the condition that, you know, we don€™t take them from their families and stick them in tiny concrete pools so that they can jump for our entertainment. I€™d say that€™s pretty reasonable.
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