9 Huge Upgrades Coming With The iPhone 7

From the expected to the excellent.

Like a wheel of cheese down Cooper's Hill, it seems the iPhone rumour mill never stops rolling on. No sooner has Apple pulled the covers off its latest piece of palm candy than the next raft of predictions, leaks and loopy concepts hits the internet. So it is with the iPhone 7. Barring a break with longstanding tradition, the Cupertino company isn't set to reveal its next smartphone until September €“ but that hasn't staunched a stream of revelations about everything that number seven has in store. It is, of course, worth bearing in mind that quirky mockups don't always reflect reality, but when seeking clues about this - or any - iPhone model, where better to look than the patents that have been filed and tech that's been developed. With around 8 months until we see what Jony Ive and co. have been cooking up in California, we do have a good idea of some of the biggest and most fundamental changes set to grace the iPhone 7. Rumours of a multi-model line-up abound, giving no hope of knowing with what moniker Apple will choose to adorn its newest handsets. Names and numbers aside, though, here are nine upgrades that you could well see on the iPhone 7.
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