9 Huge Upgrades Coming With The iPhone 7

9. More Memory To Play With

Apple has aggressively marketed memory options across its entire hardware range for many years €“ and that doesn't look set to change with the iPhone 7. Despite desperate calls from some camps for the addition of expandable memory, as more and more manufacturers fix capacities in favour of cloud storage, it seems unlikely that Apple will cram in a microSD card slot any time soon. Instead, many expect Apple to drop the 16GB option from its lineup in favour of 64GB and upwards. Presently, the 16GB model is the most reasonably-priced iPhone offering €“ but also the least sensible: it might be a ton cheaper than its more spacious sibling, but its storage fills up quicker than a toddler on a Christmas Day treats binge. The lower price-point iPhone presently serves the purpose of offering a high-end product for a slightly-less-than-extortionate price, whilst pushing those wanting more into the higher price brackets of 64-and-more models. But, with many apps having doubled in size since Apple upped its limits and the media needs of the masses growing by the day, many believe the manufacturer will ditch the 16GB iPhone, instead adding a 256GB range-topper for those truly in need of space to save. With a phone of such size on offer, it would seem absurd for Apple to continue offering a 16GB model concurrently. That said, Apple has been known to offer tech of truly useless capacities before €“ here's looking at you, 8GB iPhone 5c...
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