9 Places We Could Build Space Colonies

1. Exoplanets

Kepler 452b and earth comparison

So we've got our generation ships going, which way to we point them?

The star, Gliese 667 C, is 23.62 light years away and plays host to at least three rocky planets thought to be in the habitable zone. It is actually a triple star system of two orange dwarfs and a red dwarf, so the skies would be pretty spectacular and some think it would be a good candidate for colonisation.

Alternatively, we could head to Kepler 442b. This exoplanet was dubbed Earth 2.0 when it was discovered in 2015, due to its similarity to our own planet. At 1,100 light years away, it's a bit more of a trek, but experts think that there is a high chance that this planet could be habitable for humans.

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