9 Ridiculous Urban Legends We All Believed

What do you mean Manson has all of his ribs!?


Some urban legends are spread to spook people, some are misunderstood facts and some are just made up for fun. Regardless, they are spread far and wide, changing slightly with every recital.

Even before the internet was everywhere, rumours would make their way around the world through word of mouth alone, with no-one quite knowing where they came from. Most of these legends get debunked quite quickly, or are too ridiculous to believe in the first place. A partially crazy rumour came in the early days of mobile phones. There were claims that if you called the emergency services, your phone battery would charge itself. Of course, that isn't possible, but there are some rumours that appear far more plausible.

Stories of ghosts, frozen celebrities and complete misunderstandings of basic human anatomy persist and are still believed to this day. They can even influence people's decisions, despite being debunked. For instance, how many have accidentally swallowed gum and felt that overwhelming rush of panic?

Rest assured, if you believed any of these rumours, you're not alone. No matter how dumb they are.


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